Coast to coast

Chaps, I’m in Seppoland. The US of A. Tis grand fun. Right now it’s NYC, but before then was San Francisco. I feasted my eyeballs at the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at de Young which was a heady mix of costume, wit and incredible skill.


This dress had buttons embedded in vertical pintucks. Ingenious. And where would we be without some scandalous (not really) garments inspired by blood and guts? The skeleton corset on the right was astonishing.


I left wondering why do we wear such booooooring clothing most of the time? When we, especially those of us who make out clothes, can wear anything we can imagine? I thought Melbourne was famed for its wearing of black but here in the NYC springtime, every second person is wearing a dull but practical black coat. Except a woman yesterday who had a sky-blue, full skirted overcoat that had me contemplating whether a mugging was in order…

4 thoughts on “Coast to coast

  1. oh bummer, I wish I had noticed that you’d be in NYC–we would have loved to have you at the meetup! funnily enough, I’m off to San Francisco on Friday, and plan to see that very exhibit.

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