Burda Crossover Blazer finished

A quick reminder of the platonic ideal – Burda Crossover Blazer 06/2012 #121


Burda Crossover Blazer 06/2012 #121

And thar she blows – my version in two shades of linen. I cut a size 42. I added an inch to the arm length and cut the shoulders in a bit. Oh, and bound buttonholes? Pffffft.


Blazer in red linen with dusty pink linen cuffs and collar.


Back view.


Close up of the lovely linen. I reinforced the pocked edges with little bursts of satin stitch.


All buttoned up is a little severe but will be excellent for draft-stopping as the weather gets colder.

Things I like about it

  • I may have forgiven linen for its earlier transgressions. This red stuff is lovely. I like its flop and its crumple.
  • Always glad to use up some of my Buttonmania buttons. These are splendid.
  • The lining – polished cotton that once lined a bedspread – is so soft. Heavy but cosy.
  • Extra long arms are terrific!

Things I like a little less

  • I think a few design details lose the right proportion when graded up. Perhaps it would have been better with an extra button. And compare the angle on the lapel – did it stretch as I sewed?
  • I’d curve it in at the waist more next time.
  • It’s bloody tricky to find the spot for the button second from the top!

Starting the Burda Crossover Blazer

Outer fabric all cut out. Look at this deeeelicious colour!


The puny pockets need embiggenment. Here’s my redraft to blow out the pockets to a more useful size.


I’m a little stumped on the lining, though. It will be visible on the collar and cuffs and I’m reluctant to use a patterned lining because it limits what I can wear it with. So – to the stash! Which would you use? Or should I keep stashfishing? L-R: shirting, linen, cotton, cotton, linen, linen, raw silk.

update: Here are more options. Yes, my stash is capacious. L-R: cotton print, quilting cotton, polished cotton, embossed silk, shirting stripe, rayon.