Sunhat to rule all sunhats

I’m a large person. Accordingly, my head is larger than average. It’s not outrageously big… 24″/61cm… but I’ve seen women’s hats where a size L is 58cm.

Also, I pootle about on a bike, which means stuffing sunhats into panniers while in transit. Straw hats don’t generally enjoy that kind of treatment.

For weeks I’ve been hunting for a hat that is a) squishable, b) large enough and c) generous of brim for true sun protection. No joy anywhere. Lots of hat vendors trying to sell me ladyhats for pinheads.

TO THE INTERNETS! Where I found this RIPPER tutorial for drafting a hat:

Weekend Designer – wide-brimmed summer hat

It took a couple of hours to draft from scratch but cripes, first go and I’ve got the perfect hat.


I even made it reversible.


Not only do I have the perfect hat, but I have the perfect pattern. Infinite sunhats! Thank you, Weekend Designer! Now go draft yourself a hat!

(This one from Ra Ra Superstar looks nifty also, but I really wanted a wide brim. Maybe next time.)

Essential sewing tool: physicist

I was trying to think how, when making a hat, you’d shape the crown piece when it has to fit the smaller circumfrence of the crown at the top, and the larger circumfrence of the brim at the bottom. So I asked my tame and friendly physicist, who produced the explanation above. Since so much about patternmaking is about mathematical modelling (3D forms into 2D versions) I highly recommend y’all get yerselves a physicist.