Blogging royalty

It’s not every day that you get to meet sewing blog royalty. Before I left for this USA jaunt, I made a rather forward proposal to Peter of the fabulous Male Pattern Boldness that if he happened to be in the garment district this week, would he be amenable to showing a visiting Aussie from whence the fabricular bargains could be obtained? Lucky for me, he was gung-ho for such mischief.

We met at the FIT Museum for a peek at their exhibition of fashion design classics. What an amazing resource for students and seamsters alike. Uncouth colonial that I am, I set off the alarms twice by leaning in too close for a gander.

Next we went to 39th St which is full of fabric shops, cheek by jowl, that cater to fat wallets and cheapskates alike. Proclaiming myself firmly of the latter camp, Peter took me to a few of his cut-price favourites. I loved seeing old friends – like the pink fake fur of Cathy’s coat, Peter’s cherry-coloured leopard-print jeans, and genteel roses of Cathy’s strapless gown – all still on the bolt! Why did they not sell out after being showcased on MPB? A mystery to me. I’m sure Peter could earn commission for his efforts to turn bargain yards into couture!

I bought some tailor’s chalk and three yards each of 2 African wax cloths with large lurid pints in acid colours (one even has giant men’s shoes on it) and some 40s-style barkcloth. Here’s a peek of them posing with the man himself*:

*um, sadly just a pixel-Peter brought to you by the magic of the Union Station Apple Store. I was too dazzled to remember to take a real picture.

It was so much fun to meet Peter, who is as delightful as you’d expect from MPB. And as for tips from a New York native? Priceless. I can’t wait to make frocks from my haul when I’m home again in May.

4 thoughts on “Blogging royalty

  1. I just found my way here from MPB, and just had to say I love your blog! I can’t wait until I have a little more spare time to go through it some more.

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