Piping hot

Last week my Jane Tise Butterick 4682 pattern arrived – remember, the one I’ve been thinking of for three years?

So I set about making it with rare fidelity to the pattern’s instructions. Usually I change this or that, due to laziness more often than not, but this time I swore I’d be good. I piped everywhere that I was told to pipe..

Piped pockets ROCK MY WORLD. I’m a total convert. There’s a real risk that everything I make will now have piped pockets.

The fabric is a soft 70s cotton twill I picked up in a country junk shop. I had *just* enough… well, I had to cut the collar in two pieces. Nose to tail eating… nothing left but scraps. Unfortunately this meant I couldn’t be choosy about where to cut each piece so I’m suffering from a bit of twinning in the front bodice. (Terrible affliction, discussed by the Slapdash Sewist¬†who suspects it’s an elaborate conspiracy by textile designers.)

I love it. It’s garish and a bit mad. All thanks to Nora, three years ago. Hurrah!