Darn that Dirndl

Well, I made it, and I wore it, successfully…

…but only just. This turned into a chore and I was cursing and growling the whole time.

The frilly blouse was from an op shop and saved me having to make one. For the dirndl itself I modified Vogue 8413 (I’ve made it twice before, here and here) since all I needed was a simple princess line for the bodice. Put a zip in the front, piped all the edges, attached some metal do-hickies to make the lacing, bunged on a gathered skirt and made an apron. Sounds simple. Took FOREVER and all the while me spitting bile and resentment. You know when you’ve lost the love for a project? Usually I abandon them at that point but in this case, abandoment would mean nudity at the German-themed party, or, even worse, lame uncostumedness.

So I’m abstaining from making things for a week. Not constructing, sewing, planning, cutting, crocheting, darning, pinning a single thing. I figure by the end of the forced separation I’ll be ready to kiss and make up.

In happier news, I made the dress that went with the grey bolero from this pattern: and it is a corker. I’ll post it once I take some pics.

Dirndl und Trachtenbluse

In a couple of weeks I’m attending a German Beer Hall themed party. I thought about buying a dirndl but at $50 for polyester mission brown monstrosities from Episode with no chance of ever wearing it again, I thought I’d make my own.

It has been a hoot searching for pictures online to use as reference:

Oooh, saucy:

Can’t guess why they appeal to the menfolk. Puzzling:

And my personal favourite for its subtlety and artful, gentle mastery of the genre: