Housecoat conversion

Remember the housecoat? I’ll remind you. Here’s the before (which, in the tradition of all ‘before’ pictures has been taken in poor light with the subject looking frumpy and sad).

Cue happy tinkly music for the big reveal!

Well, sort of. I’m only half-convinced about this one. I’m still viewing it with caution. It still looks…. housecoaty.

Here’s what I did.

1. Choppped off sleeves and skirt. Relocated skirt pocket lower down. (There was a patch pocket with one edge in a side seam.)

2. Chopped off bodice at waist level after humming and hawing about putting in a waistband.

3. Despite measuring twice and cutting once, realised bodice was too short. (How? How? Curses!)

4. Made waistband using another bodice pattern: sewed darts then cut band, which ensures you get the right curve. Had to make band narrower than I would have liked because I was left with not much fabric to work with due to poor cutting (see 3.).

5. Trimmed bodice. Gathered under bust. Attached waistband.

6. Took in yoke at bust to made defacto bust darts. (I decided to keep the yoke and frilly collar because I’m lazy.)

7. Gathered skirt top, attached to waistband.

8. Shortened sleeves and reattached.

9. Added new buttonholes and buttons. Closed up one of the old buttonholes that was now in the wrong place (can you see in pic below?) Mended bits where buttons had torn fabric.

10. Hemmed it and thought about how it probably took longer than making something from scratch and how it still looked like a nanna frock.

Now, where are my ugg boots, dearie?


2 thoughts on “Housecoat conversion

  1. The shape you remade it into is very nice. I think what makes it still look so housecoaty is the fabric. If the fabric was prettier the remake styling would pop out more. Very good job. Are you going to try this again? There seem to be no shortage of muumuus or housecoats in the secondhand shops.

  2. You know, I think all this really needs is some shiny black buttons and a skinny black belt going around that waistband. I think it would make a world of difference and completely do away with the “nana frock” thing. I love the ruffle!

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