Cut the wrap

I bought this amazing old dead stock 70s curtaining months ago thinking, “That would make a fabulously loud wrap skirt.” Only problem was that I didn’t have a wrap skirt pattern.


A chance encounter with Simplicity 7876 (see it on Vintage Pattern Wiki here) in an op-shop yesterday. It remained virginal and uncut for about 2.5 hours until I launched into it with gusto. And, presto!

I didn’t have enough to make the tie but I had a tiny scrap of green barkcloth left from a curtain I bought from a church sale about 10 years ago which has since been used for 234,673 projects – among them a plush alien, a ukulele case and quilt binding. It’s treated me well.

But I digress. Because, this skirt has a cunning secret. I lined it with black cotton and…

Look at that! The clever thing’s reversible! Two skirts for the price and effort of one! Convertible, reversible, desirable! Coupled here with the tulip blouse of last post. I took this ensemble dancing last night and both of us enjoyed it very much.

I also made a housewarming present for a friend … it’s a kind of chimera craft, part crocheted, part sewn. How unholy. The back is mauve velvet. He likes purple. I don’t. He gets a purple cushion and I rid my wool/fabric stash of purpleness. We both win!