50s blouse

Look, I made a thing! That hardly ever happens anymore.


It’s a super-simple bias-cut blouse made from an ancient rayon faille curtain. The print looks like crazy paving – I imagine this curtain hung on long windows looking out to the patio, daddy-o.

Age and light damage had shredded the curtain edge. I trimmed out the worst of it and had just enough to squeeze out this blouse. The shape is great, mostly because of the slinky drape of the rayon, but the 50s pastels have turned out a bit nanna, methinks. Imma wear it anyways!


3 thoughts on “50s blouse

  1. Awesome top, great use of that cool fabric. I think Melanie is right – wear it with something else fitted and it will look modern and not nanna-ish at all

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