Revisiting my very first vintage pattern

The first dress I ever sewed from an old pattern, five years ago, was a disaster. There are pictures of it in the WeSewRetro archives and now, of course, I see why it sucked so much (grey? Really? For me? GREY?)

The dress is long gone to some op shop pile somewhere, but I still have the pattern – a mail-order job from the early 50s, I think. I’m trying to sew more separates so I whipped up this top from a scrap of pale blue op shop fabric. I think it’s linen but it’s also got a bit of a scratchy raw silk quality to it.




You’ll just have to believe me that I fill it out a little better than Headless Esme. It’s a bit short to wear with anything but high-wasted pants but it fits well enough to have a bash at making a whole dress again. NOT in grey. In something more to my tastes – loud, lurid and wildly patterned.

Grey. What was I thinking?