World’s laziest muslin

Thought I’d make a jacket from some raspberry linen I picked up from a country op shop this weekend ($2, thankyouverymuch) in a deliberately rumpled sort of fashion. I bought Burda’s Crossover Blazer 6/2012 #121 a few months back. Perfect match!


Only I forgot that Burda patterns have no seam allowance. Snip-snip, wack-wack, into a trusty poly sheet for a muslin, I remembered. Doh!

Never mind! I’ll tape the bloody thing together with green masking tape!


Ugly beyond words but it worked a treat and, stunningly, it fits pretty well.

I’m watching The Great British Sewing Bee as I work, and isn’t it marvellous? From now on, my sewing will be guided by WWMAPS? – ‘What Would May and Patrick Say?’ I reckon they’d tear me a new one if they saw my masking tape muslin. Shhhh….

11 thoughts on “World’s laziest muslin

  1. Masking tape muslin – what an awesome idea – have I been living in the dark ages??? Love the jacket too 🙂

  2. now, that is a blazer i’d actually wear. and masking tape is brilliant! who cares if it’s a little slapdash? with your finished product, they’ll never know…

  3. I thought for one horrible glance that the floral was your final fabric choice. I’ll be watching this project as I earmarked this pattern for some linen in my stash.

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