Maxi skirt, yo (yo).

It is an oft-marvellelled paradox that hot weather and very long skirts complement one another; a swathe of swishy cotton around the ankles can feel much breezier than bare legs. So I made one with some super cheap striped shirting and a 1970s pattern. Whole thing took just a couple of hours – too easy!



I had to mess with grainlines to get a chevron out of the fabric – maxi skirts are greedy! There is one corner at the back where I had to piece in an extra bit, plus a fold tends to form at mid-front because of the grain, but it bothers me not. The stripes match and my reign as chevron queen persists.

Last night I finished attaching the new back to the amazing yo-yo bedspread I was given. I sewed all around the edge by hand (cripes) while folding the excess around to make a binding. It’s a mad and wonderful thing and I love it. I still need to run some catchstitches through the middle of it, but here it is in its rightful place.



The fabrics tell a tale of several women, several decades and their housedresses and the colours get more garish at the edges.


6 thoughts on “Maxi skirt, yo (yo).

  1. Yes, if only men realized how much cooler skirts are than trousers, they’d all be rocking a dirndl! Air can get up under your skirt and circulate so much more easily than up your trouser legs. The only thing I dislike about skirts in high summer is the chafing factor, when air humidity is 100% and body humidity is, too.

  2. Oh that quilt! I love that it carries so much history. I love that you have fixed it up and are giving it the love it deserves. Such gorgeousness. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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