Little quilt and bedspread progress

First: my circle of friends seem determined to increase the population. Babies, babies everywhere. I prefer puppies. My friends know I’m useless with small people but they also know I tend to overcompensate for my infant ineptitude by making something awesome when the kid is birthed. Thusly I whipped up another rough ‘n’ ready kid quilt from the scrap stash, tough enough to chuck in the washing machine every time its owner shits or spews on it.


It’s very much like the last one I made and I expect there will be a couple more just the same in coming months. Excellent and satisfying way to (slowly, slowly) empty the scrap bin.

Second: an update on the beautiful, beautiful yo-yo bedspread my friend bestowed upon me. I tore off the polyester backing and I have spent hours fixing holes and repositioning yo-yos. I found pins embedded in the corners! Some bits were haphazardly sewn — my friend reckons those areas show where her elderly relatives were getting a bit dotty.

Once I felt its structural integrity was restored, I washed the worst of the grime and stink out of it. Today I’ve pieced together a new backing from a vintage blue-green cotton and I will attach it this week. Can’t wait to show you!

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