Fabric giveaway winners

The draw for the monster fabric giveaway was conducted in a terribly scientifically rigorous manner, under controlled conditions. (The man who owns those hands has a PhD in physics. For reals.)


The cards fell just so:


So I’m delighted to announce that…

1. Sarah B gets the much-coveted piece of minty polka dots, for her Glassons dress rip-off , ahem, respectful replica (that’ll show ’em for shoddy manufacturing standards! YEAH!)

2. The floral chiffon goes to  The Perfect Nose for transformation into a minidress

3. The seersucker splendifery is for lakaribane who expressed obsessive and passionate needfulness for such stuff

4. Sarah will pop the blue poplin into a nifty top

5. Poor, ailing (but wonderfully named) Pigs and Bishops receives the stretch velvet for her troubles

6. Laura will be wearing the two-tone wool

7. Sox will be pencil-skirting the plaid

8. and the wool jersey was born to be a toasty sweater for Amy S!


I’ll be emailing you all to get postal addresses and then watching eagerly to see what gets made. Thanks to everyone who dropped me a line – and now I have a bunch of new sewing blogs to explore!

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