Fabric giveaway – come and get it!

Kindly folks have bestowed great piles of fabric on me lately. It has been grand but I think it’s time to pass on the generosity, don’t you?

I like these eight bits of fabric and think they will appeal to seamsters with a vintage bent, but I don’t have imagination to think up something to make with them right now. So, to quote Mr Anthony Kiedis, “give it away, give it away, give it away now!”

Here’s the fine print:

  • To enter, just leave a comment on this post saying a) which bits you want and b) linking to a pattern, whether vintage or modern, or even a RTW garment you’d copy, that you’d like to use the bits for. Inspire us!
  • You can nominate one, two or three bits that you fancy.
  • If you’re the only person to claim that piece, it’s yours. If more than one person wants a piece, I’ll do a random draw.
  • Giveaway entries close in one week on midnight (AEST) on Wednesday 23 January
  • I’ll post fabric free of charge to anywhere in the world.

Bring on the booty! ON OFFER: A summery selection for the southern hemisphere:

Piece 1: 110cm wide x 334cm long

Sheer and lightweight minty-green synthetic with cute tiny white raised dots.


Piece 2: 130cm wide x 120cm long

This is either silk or rayon. Burn test was inconclusive but it’s not a melty synthetic fibre. Very very sheer and drapey chiffon-like fabric in a creamy light yellow with floral print.


Piece 3: 110cm wide x 160cm long

I think all the clothes my mum made for me as a toddler in the 1970s was made from this kind of stuff – floral stripey seersucker in primary colours.


Piece 4: 114cm wide x 165cm long, plus a little bit extra

Crisp royal blue poplin with cute little floral print.


Now you northern hemispherians with your ice and snow might prefer something from this more wintery selection:

Piece 5: 145cm wide x 118cm long, plus a little bit

Blue floral print velvet with one-way stretch.


Piece 6: 150cm wide x 103cm long

100% wool in upholstery weight. Nifty geometrical weave in two shades of brown.


Piece 7: 155cm wide x 81cm long

Lightweight and open-weave checked 100% wool in blue, white and maroon.


Piece 8: 145cm wide x 100cm long (missing a coupla bites out of the corners)

Wool and synthetic blend knit, quite thick, with dark brown on one side and light brown on t’other.


And…. GO!