The haul that came to stay

A knock at the door last night. Who’s that? I’m busy. He’s busy. We squabble over who should get the door. He’s closer.

Turns out it was a SURPRISE FABRIC DELIVERY. Three big bags/boxes from a friend who was cleaning out. I spent the rest of the evening sorting into three piles: fabric for ME, fabric for the OP SHOP, and fabric for YOU. Time to spread the benificence – here’s a peek of the impending giveaway.


This pile, along with a pile of tasty scrappy bits, is mine-all-mine. Love that watercoloury purple cotton.


And the final bit of treasure: a bedspread made by a family member of hers. It needs some repair but I think I’m up to it! What a lovely thing.


Giveaway coming soon!

5 thoughts on “The haul that came to stay

  1. I love these kinds of gifts! And I particularly love the second fabric down in the top photo – darker blue with tiny flowers. I look forward to seeing what you sew with this lot. Your outfits, sewing and fabric choices are inspired!

  2. Your friend gave you surprise who was very nice friend.
    You are a kind person to share fabrics for all the reader.
    All the fabrics are beautiful. I like them too.
    Thank you for wonderful giveaway.

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