Mr Men dress

At a vintage fair a couple of weeks back, I bought a big (curtain? Bedspead?) panel of 1960s Sheridan linen. I love this stuff so much. Shades of green and bile, big chunky floral… My cuppa tea for sure. But you want to be careful how you slice in to such a thing. Not only is it irreplaceable but big prints call for simple lines.

So I tested out a basic shift pattern. This is most unlike me because of my extreme human A-frame construction. I generally need me a cinched waist.

I’ve had this Mr Men curtain for perhaps 7 or 8 years. Nicely stash-ripened and time to cut. A few modifications – length, darts, neckline – but look, I made a shift! Terrible photo. I must take a better one.


If you must have your own Mr Men dress, I spotted the same fabric for sale on eBay.

5 thoughts on “Mr Men dress

  1. Your shift looks much more flattering than the image I get in my mind when I think “shift”. Love that fabric you scored – I wouldn’t have been able to go past that either. Let’s see it on!

  2. I think my mother lived in dresses like the one on the pattern envelope, in the 1970s. We lived down the road from a double-knit factory, so she dressed all of us — boys and girls alike — in hard-as-iron polyester double knits, in colors and patterns not found in nature, no matter how much we protested that the jumpsuits, tunics and leisure suits made us sweat.

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