Cushion the blow

It’s cushionmania at Make It ’til You Fake It HQ. (MITYFI). No, I’m not turning into one of those nutters with sofas and beds buried in 23,547 pillows. But I am on a bit of a production spree.

It started when I bought a fragment of very expensive, very wonderful mushroom upholstery fabric from Britex in SFO. So that’s cushion number one.


Then I made a cushion for a friend’s birthday. Said friend loves brown, green and orange.
I do like making these cushions. I like giving all those beloved scraps (and they are numerous, and so beloved) a new purpose. In the one above I can count seven pieces of fabric in here that are trimmings from garments I’ve made. The other pieces all have some kind of story, too. I like that.

So then I made a couple more, thinking I’ll stick them up on my long-inactive Etsy shop to see if they are a viable way to use up small bits of lovely fabric, and rustle up some pocket money. What do you think: practical product or disaster craft? I was quite surprised to see very few pieced cushions or pillows on Etsy. Perhaps others have tied and failed.



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