Fabric abuse

Ravish your retinas and feast your foveas on this vintage Liberty silk twill:


This liquid loveliness was most cruelly abused, fashioned into a tent of a dress festooned with – and I kid you not – peach polyester lace frills at neck and elasticated cuff. Egads! I spotted it among the dresses at Savers last weekend and recognised the print instantly, because I’ve seen old deadstock rolls, in a brighter colourway, kept high on a shelf at The Cloth Shop, high up where grubby little bargain-basement fingers like mine can’t reach them. I’m not even sure how old it is. Anyone able to date this print? 80s, maybe?

Bolstered by all the lovely comments on the LA thrift upgrade (thank you, kind commenters!), I snapped it up to fix it up. It has been released from its lacy disgrace and I’m working out what to do with it. It’s a smidge short, despite tenty-ness, and may need some extra fabric. But which colour?! So many to choose from.

Don’t worry. I got some truly dreadful ‘before’ shots prior to the de-lacing. In good time you shall see them.