Surprise fabric shopping

I diverted my homewardly travels via Brunswick this evening. My nefarious purpose was to check out the cotton/linen Kazz just used (that woman shares my love for loud prints. I think Spotlight should pay her commission because it ain’t the first time she’s inspired me to hunt a particular fabric down).

No joy there but I did find a Thai batik-style cotton on the bargain table (3m, $12, thankyouverymuch) then scored at Savers too. Nearly 4m of vintage polished cotton floral in lovely slugdy green (36″ wide and fine weave suggests it’s Proper Vintage) and a silk sari, flesh-coloured, perfect for linings. $4 each. Orright!


A rainy weekend forecast means it’s time to reignite the sewing mojo.

PS: I blogged this moments after purchase, on the bus, via the WordPress app on my phone. I am Living In The Future.

PPS: Later, obviously… who knew that the metallic threads in saris would shrivel up during washing? Maybe not so good for lining.


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