Vogue 8278 – yeah, whatevs.

I’m going to subtitle this post ‘or why teh interwebs sometimes don’t know everything.’

You know that Vintage Vogue 8728 that’s doing the rounds? Lots of folks have made it and loved it. Including one Erin McKean, maven of A Dress A Day. I was among hoards of fangirls at her appearance at a Melbourne Frockshop and I’d like to confirm she’s as charming, funning and delightful in person as you would imagine from her online writings. Yay Erin, thank you for coming out to meet your public so we could gawp at your awesomeness. She was wearing a V8728 and looked smashing, and if you follow ADAD you’ll know it’s the new Duro (as in, she’s made approximately 35,264 of them within a very short space of time). So Erin’s rave review, plus the other folks, make me think I was onto an easy win.

I followed Erin’s advice about the organza underlining on the bodice, cutting the neck two sizes smaller, and adding pockets. All very sound advice. I added a bit of length to the bodice* and chopped it out of a piece of Japanese lawn I’d earmarked for a shirtdress.**

There was much faffing about with gathers. BORING. Then the bias tape neckline. YAWN. The result was utterly underwhelming.

Thing I do not like, the first: baggy, blousy, puffy bodice. Gathers are not my friend. I needs me some structure. What was I thinking? The worst is when you lean forward and it looks like you’re shoplifting pillows or something. Even when I stand straight as a board, I still look like a sturdy, multicoloured peasant wench.

Thing I do not like, the second: Even cutting the smaller size and then taking in the shoulder seams more than an inch, the neck was gapey and the bodice was too long. I think the extra room made to accomodate shoulder pads is phenomenal. Rather than redo the midriff (topstitched! Who wants to unpick and resew that nightmare?!) I took a bit off the bottom. Thusly, I have me a stumpy midriff. Le boo.

Enough blather. See for yourself. I’ll wear it, but probably only with a cardie over the top. And I would never make it, or its ilk, again. Take that, internets. You must have some kind of sewing alchemy that means this frock suits you, but me? I spurn the Vogue 8278. Hissssss.

*first mistake. See: Thing I do not like, the second.

**second mistake. Stick to plan A, always.

7 thoughts on “Vogue 8278 – yeah, whatevs.

  1. In a different fabric/pattern it wouldn’t look so peasant-y; I reckon it would look really good in another fabric! But if you don’t like and can’t see yourself wearing it, then I guess learn those lessons and move on to the next awesome project 🙂

  2. The dress is not even close to being as good as the post you’ve written slagging it off! I’ve seen Casey’s version (Elegant Musings) and think it was in jersey, which made the gathers look fluid and light… did you use cotton? I agree it looks underwhelming, not unflattering or bad though, but your fabric choice for this is not nearly as striking, bold and gutsy as your usual ones!

  3. You look far better than I did when I made it. I looked like a hugely overweight barmaid from ye olden tymes. In “the Golden Girls do a Pacific cruise” fabric. Ick. This was my least favorite pattern of all times.

  4. You are a little hard on yourself, the dress looks fine from my angle, but if you are not comfortable, then that is all that matters.
    I must thank you tho’ for your assessment. That dress is on my to-do pile -fabric picked and all. But like you, I need some structure and anything poofy in the bodice will just emphasize that which does not need further empahsis.
    I can now allocate the fabric -which I really like- to a different project an save my self a ton o’ grief!

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