Fabric nemesis

I picked up a lovely silky drapey knit to sew a top for my sister-in-law’s birthday. Great colours, nice pattern, all good. Mystery composition but probably 100% synthetic.

Cut out top. Made modifications to suit her (she’s tall). Gung ho, I started testing on scraps… AND MET MY NEMESIS.

This mofo WILL NOT SEW. Not on my machine, anyway. I’ve tried jersey needles, which were worse than the regular ol’ universals. It slips and slides, it skips stitches, the length is irregular, it won’t sew straight, and sewing through tissue doesn’t help. Oh, and the Singer 201-K and the overlocker hate its guts, too.

While I’m hardly a master of the stretch, I had no idea that this would be so diabolical. Anyone got tips? I’ve sewn wool and cotton jersey with no problems at all, so I’m not a complete knit fabric dunderhead.

5 thoughts on “Fabric nemesis

  1. If the overlocker won’t sew it that’s one seriously badly behaved fabric. The only thing I can think of is have you tried stretch needles? They’re not the same thing as ballpoint needles and I once had a knit that would sew with the stretch needle but nothing else. Lowering your needle tension is supposed to help but that’s never really worked for me.

  2. Try using a sharps needle and decreasing upper thread tension. Baste with the longest straight stitch then lightening stitch it. If you cant lightening stitch it just stretch and sew with a 3-3.5 length straight stitch. This has worked for me in the past with pleather jersey (you heard right).

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