My lost foot

There has been little progress on the dress to wear to my friend’s wedding. I’m just too intimidated by the organza so I’m ditching that and hatching a plan B. Watch this space. I have 1.5 weeks to sort myself out. Eeeek!

Enthused by my delightful new Singer 201K, I came up with a wee proposal on Sew Retro that those of us with ancient sewing machines should sew a pattern from the same year as our machines. Great idea. Then I went and lost the standard sewing foot. Ooops. It’s somewhere in the cavern o’ couture, the junk-packed haven that is my sewing room. Unfortunately I was halfway through a frock when I lost it. Fortunately (?!) it’s a dud so I don’t need to finish it anyway. But, must find myself a new foot. Hello, eBay.

It’s a 4-H uniform… I was obsessed with the 4-H organisation for about three minutes a while back. They were like agricultural science scouts who sewed frocks! Those are all things I love! I was even planning to embroider the pocket patch but it never happened. Instead, I made it up with a remnant of stretch silk twill from Clear It (they have a truly rubbish online shop, if you care) which has lovely weedy gorse and rose blooms on it.

I don’t like it. It’s that old problem of pattern scale… it has to be very big or very small or it’s just a bit blah. I think it falls into blah, plus too busy. Dunno. I also made the bodice too long so the waist is 1″ too low. I think I’ll hack the skirt off and make it into something else.

In happier news, I won a cheongsam pattern from UglyCute Designs – a great blog to follow if you want to learn pattern-drafting and draping vicariously! Rebecca does some tricky stuff I’m not brave enough to attempt but it’s great to watch from the safety of the sidelines. I’m pleased to win it because one of the folks I’m teaching to sew is dying to make a cheongsam. Perfect match. Thank you Rebecca!