Sulphurous delight

My 50s sheath made up in 70s lurid sulphur-yellow rose-printed corduroy that I warned you about in the previous post is finished and I’m delighted with it!

Who knew that mashing up two such disparate decades would work?! Love it. So soft and cosy. And the fit is great – the only thing I’d change for next time (and I suspect there WILL be a next time) is to bring it in a bit at the top of the back seam where it’s a bit roomy because I have no shoulders.

Otherwise, usual adjustments, blahdy blah, lengthened bodice, widened hips, same old same old.

I would like to make special mention of lsaspacey for two reason. One, is her series on designers on the Colette Patterns blog is awesome. Secondly, she requested that I make the sassy neck detail (done) and talk about the instructions for this given my proclivity to charge ahead without reading them properly. Let’s have a close look at the neckline, eh?

Right. Now the eagle-eyed among you will notice that the wee pointy bit does not line up with the raglan sleeve seam. It’s set back about, oh 1.5cm. How could this be? This is not in the pattern illustration! They lied, again!

Nah. I just didn’t read the instructions again. I sewed the facing on in one fell swoop whereas I should have stopped and started and pivoted and so on to work around this seam. Never mind – it worked out ok, but next time I’ll do it right, if for no reason other than penance, and I feel I owe it to lsaspacey…

8 thoughts on “Sulphurous delight

  1. I just commmented on sew retro but had to comment here. this is truly stunning and a wonderful combination of pattern and fabric. As I said there, it is jut genius.

  2. Wow, what a surprise to see my name here. Thank you about the Colette series, I love doing it and I have many more designers to go!

    And YAY for you doing the sassy neck detail. This is how I see it…if you don’t mention it to anyone, nobody will know!!! I think the dress looks fab and fits wonderfully. I see a TNT (tried-n-true) dress pattern there.

  3. This is spooky – I just cobbled together a muslin of this very dress just this week! I’m not sure if I’m going to move ahead with mine because I don’t think it suits my (lack of) figure. In any case, just wanted to say that you did a fantastic job!

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