Under suffrage

I love a rapid-fire stash turnaround. It has oft been observed that the longer something stews in the stash, the smaller the chance it will ever get used. Thus, cutting into something within a week of it coming home with me is a wise move. This time it was one of the Savers scores from last post – the purple abstract screenprint which I bought thinking, will I have time to whip up a purple dress to wear on International Women’s Day?

The answer? YES.

The top is Butterick 5032, a vintage reissue, while the skirt was improvised as I went. It’s very easy to chuck in deep inverted pleats around side seams and darts. Just sayin’. I wore it with a green cardie and white beads to complete the IWD suffrage tribute.

Happy International Women’s Day. Shout the praises of your female heroes, role models and inspirations.

7 thoughts on “Under suffrage

  1. WOW love it! That sure was quick! I’ve been piss-farting around lately but you’re inspiring me to get started.

    That fabric looks great and the skirt is perfect!

  2. you know that I bought this same pattern last week? I did the sash, or the middle part of it with the pleats for another dress that I’m working on, but now I see you and it’s great and want to make one for me now : )
    could you tell me is you cut the skirt with the pattern provided and then added the pleats? do you have pleats in the back too?
    ohhhh so inspired! thanks for this, I’m on my way to check the rest of your blog : )



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