Oops. I did it again

Savers used to be The Place to score random awesome bits of fabric. Then, everyone else cottoned (ha) on to the fact AND Savers started pricing them as if they were lengths of rare cloth hand-woven from the gossamer locks of virgin fairies.

But. The op shop gods were smiling on me last night.

vintage fabrics

Left to right:

  • Loose-woven wool, plenty for a toasty winter skirt
  • Lovely drapey rayon, plenty for a blouse (mebbe the corker from the last post?)
  • Lurid rayon, narrow width but good length. Loud dress methinks.
  • Metres and metres of very fine cotton shirting
  • Cotton twill with very odd abstract screen-print
  • Vintage cotton with Japanese-style chestnut leaves
  • Polyester – I know, I know, but such a cool stylised hydrangea print

And price? $3 and $4 each. Thank you, op shop gods. Don’t think I’m not grateful.