Blousy booty

Months, if not years ago, when I saw this blouse on the telly, I thought, “me LIKEY.”

(swiped from the very excellent Tom & Lorenzo dissections of every thread of clothing worn on Mad Men)

Then I saw this pattern on etsy:

…and I pressed BUY as some kind of reflex. I swear, there was no brain activity involved; it was all spinal. I’m sure it’s the same pattern.

Yeah yeah, I know, it’s hokey to be all slavish to Mad Men fashion, but too bad.

4 thoughts on “Blousy booty

  1. That pattern looks great, and thank you so much for sharing the Tom & Lorenzo url! Joan Holloway’s character is my style icon (not to mention posture-icon…)

    I’ve never made a garment with the classic 50s kimono sleeves, but this pattern looks so great, and I’m inspired! Looking forth to see you work!

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