Piping hot

Last week my Jane Tise Butterick 4682 pattern arrived – remember, the one I’ve been thinking of for three years?

So I set about making it with rare fidelity to the pattern’s instructions. Usually I change this or that, due to laziness more often than not, but this time I swore I’d be good. I piped everywhere that I was told to pipe..

Piped pockets ROCK MY WORLD. I’m a total convert. There’s a real risk that everything I make will now have piped pockets.

The fabric is a soft 70s cotton twill I picked up in a country junk shop. I had *just* enough… well, I had to cut the collar in two pieces. Nose to tail eating… nothing left but scraps. Unfortunately this meant I couldn’t be choosy about where to cut each piece so I’m suffering from a bit of twinning in the front bodice. (Terrible affliction, discussed by the Slapdash Sewist who suspects it’s an elaborate conspiracy by textile designers.)

I love it. It’s garish and a bit mad. All thanks to Nora, three years ago. Hurrah!

13 thoughts on “Piping hot

  1. Hadn’t even noticed the ‘twinning’ until you pointed it out. I hate that when it happens, and despite looking out for it when cutting my patterns, I still get caught out regularly! But yours really isn’t a problem. Even now that I’ve seen it, the eye still doesn’t gravitate towards it. The dress has so much else going for it, with all that lovely piping and flowery fabric, that you really don’t notice it at all!

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