Told you so.

So, it’s not really a stunt dress. But it’s a dress, and it’s new, and I made it yesterday.

It’s Burda 7949 which I bought years ago and almost immediately afterward thought, why did I do that? Turns out it seems to have got better with age and I quite like it now. Not sure about the weird standing collar, but the square-necked version is good, methinks. I added length to straps (asymmetrically, since one shoulder is higher than t’other), skirt and bodice and tacked on some green ric-rac around the edges.

The fabric reminds me of traditional German Dirndlstoffe what with the dark background and stripey bits, and the shape itself is a bit dirndly. Pity about that deep inverted pleat in the skirt front, but it’s an artefact of the pointy midriffy bit.

So, ready for next project now!



3 thoughts on “Told you so.

  1. I’ve bought this pattern and it’s arrived just yesterday. I was looking for someone else’s dress made from this pattern and I’ve found you.
    Let me say, I LOVE your dress, that fabric is absolutely wonderful.
    thank you for sharing

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