Out and about

Last weekend I went past a dry cleaner in South Yarra which is where, I was told, a lot of the theatre and opera companies take their costumes for cleaning, and that there are often amazing garments hanging near the window. And lo, there was a big full skirt and corset combo. I took this picture of the exquisite hand-rolled hem. Something to aspire to when I have the a) patience and b) competence to do so.

I also dropped in to Australian Made at the NGV Fashion & Textiles gallery which was, as usual, showing a modest but magnificent display of treasures from their costume collection. I think I’ve seen this gown on display before but the fabric is just as lovely upon second viewing.

LA PETITE, Melbourne, Cocktail dress (c. 1955), silk, wool, cotton, metal, acetate

My favourite though was a black 1930s bias-cut number. Stunning.

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