Near misses

‘Sbeen awhile but I haven’t been entirely idle, sewing-wise. I had a very positive Spoonflower experience… their service is super-speedy and the printing quality was ace. If I use them again I’ll cough up for the better-quality fabric though.. the quilting cotton is a bit thin and scratchy for clothing. I’ve also been sewing for money which is NEVER worth it. It feels like homework and the money is crap. Don’t bother.

But sewing for me has been a mixed bag, too, with the last two projects being near misses. Here I am with my chum Headless Esme modelling with our usual aplomb:

You can tell which one’s Esme because she’s got thinner legs.  She’s wearing a version of the Pinstriped Pinny pattern made from gorgeous old barkcloth with a modern barkcloth remnant for the bodice. Looks great on Esme but on me, the mustard yellow is just a bit too similar to my skin tone, plus it looks like I’ve been reassembled from two different bodies. Add to that the sad tear in the back of the skirt where the light damage to the old barkcloth curtain was more serious than I thought. Beyond fixing, methinks.

I’m wearing a (wearable? I’m not sure) muslin for a 1955 McCalls pattern I’ve had for ages. You’re going to have to live with it sideways, I’m afraid.

I put a dirndl skirt on it instead of the gored skirt because I didn’t have enough fabric. The chevrons are good but the darts destroy the stripes (boo!), the waist is too big, and the sleeves are a bit naff, too. It’s just a bit bleh. Disappointing because I was testing out the pattern to use with some jaunty black striped fabric:

…which I’ll have to find something else to do with.

Ah well. Occasional mediocrity is OK.

3 thoughts on “Near misses

  1. I actually *like* the striped one! I think the style looks good on you and red belt and boots make it pop. Perhaps redo the bodice darts to make smaller, adding some at the skirt waist if you don’t care for the dirndl skirt? I don’t think the bust/bodice darts detract from the stripes. I have some cute fabric similar to your 2nd fabric, and now I have an idea how to use it!

    That’s a shame on the barkcloth tear. If fixable, maybe remake the top in that coral/pink, if the yellow’s not for you. I’m quite ‘yellow’ too and almost never wear it; I always look ILL if I do.

  2. I did that once, too: Made a yellow dress and then sold it because it and I were all one color. I loved that fabric, too. I was so disappointed.

    I like the striped dress. I think it’s the kind of thing that is sort of meh by itself but lends itself well to dressing up (like you did with the red belt).

    I just finished a baggy housedress that I needed for rough-and-tumble weekend wear but that is admittedly hideous (the fabric was free, but it’s bright green and makes me look like Shrek. Not even Fiona, but Shrek). I need to sew something lovable now so sewing doesn’t turn into a chore.

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