In detail grinding heed notching!

The lovely Fehr Trade linked to a Russian pattern site that’s allowing free downloads this month. I downloaded one I thought was a bit kewl:

Problem is the instructions are in Russian. Running it through Google Translate presents some hilarious but perhaps not very useful results:

Fold coquette shelves with the top of the shelf face to face and pritachat. Swept seam and zautyuzhit to flirt.

Right. Excuse me, I’ve got to go find “secret zipper and plastic haberdashery”.

(Site actually looks pretty nifty if you overlook the florid frilly things – you can order a pattern redrafted to your own specs. So long as you understand Russian.)

UPDATE: Thanks to the kindly Vilar who left this comment (which was munched by my spam filter and sadly, I can’t retrieve it…)

pritachat – to sew, stitch
zautyuzhit – to iron

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