Yellow and grey the 50s way

I pulled out every decent yardage I own to see what would be best for the Fifties Fair frock I have to whip up by Thursday. They either weren’t quite right or I couldn’t bring myself to cut them just yet. So, shopping! I hit the Brunswick hotspots upon advice from Moggy (who is making her Fifties Fair frock from a particularly tasty splashy cotton sateen) and picked up some voile in possibly the most fifties colour combo in the world: yellow and grey.

Nice, eh? The other one is a heavy sateen remnant that may or may not be an accompanying bolero. Let’s see how I go.

I also got some crisp plain voile to line it but it was too blinding-white. I wanted something just a little bit yellowy-creamy like the background of the dots. So I stuck it in some tea… too pink. Then some instant coffee… more browny than yellowy. Then the Curmudgeon, who proclaims himself uniquely qualified in the craft of staining clothing with foodstuffs, suggested a bit of turmeric. Threw that in too and you know what? Perfect. Plus, I will smell just a leetle beet like curry.

Now, to cut out my circa 1976 Style 1542 pattern and whip it up! And 1950s purists bedamned!