Confused curtain shirtdress

I suaved out the pigsty that was my sewing room and with the cleanliness and order came inspiration.

So nice to have my sewing mojo back. And to have made a new frock I really, really like!

It’s a 1976 pattern made up from old curtains kindly given to me by a friend in a de-stashing frenzy. There was a bit of light damage but I just cut around the worst marks.

Only a couple of modifications – added length to bodice and skirt and made the sleeves longer with a kicky little turn-up.

Love, love, love it. The swingy skirt is just the best.

8 thoughts on “Confused curtain shirtdress

  1. Just saw your dress on SewRetro – if you do wear that one to Fifties Fair Day you’ll really stand out!
    (my favourite day of the year :D)

  2. I’ve got this pattern. It’s the very first one I made in school sewing lessons. I made mine around 1976. I’ve been thinking seriously about making it up again as I loved it back then, and still love it now, and after seeing your beautiful version, I’m going to get the pattern and my fitting books out and make it.

  3. Aw, you’re all lovely. Thanks.

    Bex, I’ll be re-making it for the fair. I’ll be mobbed if I show up in a 70s print! But I reckon the sillouette will work for the 50s.

    Jane, can’t wait to see your version! I love that you made it the first time round.

  4. Hi there, just got off the “Sew Retro” exit and wanted to swing by your place for a bit! 🙂 I love the name of your blog! And using curtains is something I like to do too! Sometimes it is so much cheaper scavenging around my local thrift stores for vintage curtains than it is buying yards of fabric. I have never made a muslin before but I’ve read on a few helpful sewing blogs that sewers will use cheap Twin bed curtains as a “muslin” or mock-up for a pattern. I plan on doing this sometime in case I don’t want to waste any expensive fabric 😉 I really love this dress and it looks so good on you! Love the tiny waist and full skirt! Rockin’ orange buttons, too! Great job, lady 🙂

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