Coatdress to coat?

Thanks for all the nice comments about the Post-it dress! She still has not made her debut but I will contrive a fancy-pants occasion so that she may do so.

Moving right along. Whipped up a soft floppy scarf from bits of jersey left over from various projects, having met someone wearing such a thing and thought, “I can do that.” So I did. It’s very comfy.

I’ve just flogged some old junk on eBay which has plumped up my PayPal account nicely. For me, eBay money feels like free money so I have no trouble spending it frivolously and on impulse. I just bought 5 1950s and 60s patterns on etsy, oh joy! This coatdress will, I think, form the basis of a winter coat. Bung a collar on that puppy and line it, I reckon.

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