Post-it, post-haste

The Post-it dress is done! I love it!



Back, showing the drape

It’s so hard to capture the colour of this fabric, but it really is Post-it note colour! It was absolutely filthy to sew because the fabric writhed, wriggled, slithered and morphed to an incredible degree. In the end I had to tack the interlining to the brocade just to cut it out, then overlock the two together, and then tack the whole dress together to sew – pins just weren’t doing the job.

And that pattern again, Simplicity 6218

16 thoughts on “Post-it, post-haste

  1. VA VA VOOM! That looks incredible and you did a great job fitting it to your enviable figure. You have to go out to a fancy dinner with your boy now to show it off. Congrats!

  2. you did a beautiful job, so it was worth all that wrestling with the fabric. what a shame you missed the deadline, i’d have voted for you!

  3. I love love love your dress, you’ve done a fantastic job. It’s a very sophisticated take on Japanese styling, was that your intention? Not just the colour and pattern on the brocade, but it’s like a traditional Japanese approach to va va voom – the lower the kimono is at the back of the neck, the more racy it is. Very clever.

  4. Hi! That’s one fantastic dress and it really suits you. And you did such a great job sewing that fabric as well. Too bad about the business with the deadline, though. But at least you got one terrific dress out of it anyway. 🙂

  5. What an absolutely beautiful dress! Such a shame you missed the deadline but at least you got a fantabulous dress out of it and you look absolutely stunning in it!

  6. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous dress and the fit is amazing! Thank you for sharing – very inspiring!

  7. Wow! I too missed the PR deadline (in my case by a country mile) but I have a lot less excuse than you — this is a very sophisticated dress in a difficult fabric. I love the buttery yellow color and the back drape — this dress just begs to be worn with diamond drop earrings, a martini glass and a blase, worldly expression.

  8. Despite all your troubles this came out looking great. I wish I could pull off a yellow dress, but my pasty whiteness makes me look like I have jaundice any time I get anything yellow near my face.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! The fit is divine and looks wonderful on you. There will be another contest, sorry though to hear you missed the deadline as your creation is lovely.

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