Having not read the entry instructions properly, I assumed the Pattern Review Contest – being that its heading proclaimed it was ending on 1 May – was ending on the 1 May. Not so. 30 April was the last day to enter. So here I am, having rushed to get it finished by the deadline only to learn I had the wrong deadline. Bummer! Oh well, lots of time to take pics and curse my haphazard reading of instructions. Pics soon…

2 thoughts on “Dagnabbit!

  1. Wow, this is the second one of their contests in less than a month that had a problem with the listing of the deadline. If I were you, I would still send in the entry, let them know what the problem was, and they might still take it. Just reference the Mini-Wardrobe contest and the two (!) separate deadlines that they had published. Good luck!!

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