Dirndl und Trachtenbluse

In a couple of weeks I’m attending a German Beer Hall themed party. I thought about buying a dirndl but at $50 for polyester mission brown monstrosities from Episode with no chance of ever wearing it again, I thought I’d make my own.

It has been a hoot searching for pictures online to use as reference:

Oooh, saucy:

Can’t guess why they appeal to the menfolk. Puzzling:

And my personal favourite for its subtlety and artful, gentle mastery of the genre:

Grey bolero

I cut out this bolero within about a half-hour of this pattern arriving:

Couple of changes… narrowed the shoulders a little, changed button arrangement (look, I was going to write I that I changed it from single-breasted to double-breasted, but that implied drastic surgery to my personage, which just didn’t happen) and had to hem with bias tape to keep it decent because this sucker is short. The top picture on Headless Esme implies it reaches to waist level, but Esme is a stumpy lass. On me, it’s decidedly empire line and only just covers what it was employed to cover:

I’m liking the concept, though, and have a bunch of other wooly remnants to hack up for other (longer) versions. And I won’t be so lazy… next one I’ll line properly and adjust the darts better. I just wanted to get it done, y’know? I did, however, take the time to shrink out the sleeve cap ease and at the elbow and lordy was that a revelation. Wool is the niftiest stuff. Except for its susceptilbilty to moths.

Cold, cold, cold

When the weather is cold, I hibernate. Not much sewing happens, really. It’s counter-intuitive to have so much stuck-in-house time without oodles of snipping and seaming and pressing.

Another effect of the changing season is being thrown into confusion about what to wear. How did I stay warm last winter? But more importantly, what did I make?

I’m almost done on a grey wool bolero and five new patterns arrived in the post from two very lovely etsy vendors. Here are two:

I reckon the left one made in winter-weight stuff will work nicely, and a couple of slips made from the one on the right will help me master the fine art of layering.

Coatdress to coat?

Thanks for all the nice comments about the Post-it dress! She still has not made her debut but I will contrive a fancy-pants occasion so that she may do so.

Moving right along. Whipped up a soft floppy scarf from bits of jersey left over from various projects, having met someone wearing such a thing and thought, “I can do that.” So I did. It’s very comfy.

I’ve just flogged some old junk on eBay which has plumped up my PayPal account nicely. For me, eBay money feels like free money so I have no trouble spending it frivolously and on impulse. I just bought 5 1950s and 60s patterns on etsy, oh joy! This coatdress will, I think, form the basis of a winter coat. Bung a collar on that puppy and line it, I reckon.

Post-it, post-haste

The Post-it dress is done! I love it!



Back, showing the drape

It’s so hard to capture the colour of this fabric, but it really is Post-it note colour! It was absolutely filthy to sew because the fabric writhed, wriggled, slithered and morphed to an incredible degree. In the end I had to tack the interlining to the brocade just to cut it out, then overlock the two together, and then tack the whole dress together to sew – pins just weren’t doing the job.

And that pattern again, Simplicity 6218


Having not read the entry instructions properly, I assumed the Pattern Review Contest – being that its heading proclaimed it was ending on 1 May – was ending on the 1 May. Not so. 30 April was the last day to enter. So here I am, having rushed to get it finished by the deadline only to learn I had the wrong deadline. Bummer! Oh well, lots of time to take pics and curse my haphazard reading of instructions. Pics soon…