Burdastyle Heidi: win!

Finished – and what a sunny frock she is, made from loud 1970s sheets – floral outer and striped lining.

With a bit of tweaking, she comes out with surprisingly retro lines, I think.

Tweaks were:

  • lengthened bodice 7cm to accomodate height
  • made neckline shallower and narrower by about 2cm
  • lengthened pleats and converted to darts for closer fit
  • sewed right shoulder with larger seam allowance to accomodate my curvy spine
  • added a kick pleat at centre back hem – who in their right mind tries to walk in a hobble skirt these days?
  • cut skirt two sizes bigger than bodice but still had to use teeny tiny seam allowances… oops.

I reckon I might make another with my NZ fabric since it’s so fine that it will need lining anyway.

I told an untruth, though. I haven’t had another go at my block. Pah.

9 thoughts on “Burdastyle Heidi: win!

  1. mmmm,lovely dress, perhaps for the next one you could consider where the centre of the flowers lands in the chest area?

  2. I love love love your version of Heidi. I have been scheming on my own version of this and love the way you have altered this to fit.

  3. Love your dress! I am a rank beginner and am still boggled by actually making fitting adjustments, hence nothing I make EVER fits (yet)! But after seeing your Heidi, I hied myself on over and bought the pattern. Thanks for sharing!!

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