Patternmaking class #2

Class #2 was a revelation. The regular teacher was absent and his replacement was awesome. She was loud and bustling and chatty and, most important of all, demonstrative! She walked us through the next steps as a group, drawing up a block with us and telling us not just the whats but the whys of the process.

She took one look at my ugly, badly-fitting toile and showed me how to take up all that excess fabric in the dart. The class was really fun. And look, at the end of it, I have an actual pattern:

Something surprising to note was how rugged that white paper is. We folded and slashed and taped and pinned and the paper took it all.

At home, I made up another toile. Better, but still not good:

It’ the right length and less baggy in the armpits, but I think all those ugly wrinkles are because it’s too flat across the bust. Damn. This isn’t going to be so easy to fix – I think the next stage is to slash it open like so:

In polite circles, this is called a full bust adjustment or FBA. But that’s a bit dull, don’t you think? How about a ‘brick house renovation’ or ‘big rack attack’? Other suggestions? In any case, it looks like a drag but worth the effort. If I get this info onto my block then I won’t have to do it again.

4 thoughts on “Patternmaking class #2

  1. ROFL! Love the inspired names you’ve given the Full Bust adjustment! I have to use the “Y” alterations to fit my girls too, and I can’t wait to share this with my other Fit Group girls. :o)

  2. I belong to the Salt Lake City chapter of ASG (American Sewing Guild), there’s a group of us that gets together monthly to fit patterns.
    Sorry – you were probably hoping for something online, huh?
    Maybe you could start your own, with some girls from your class or something? Fitting patterns to yourself is such a PIA, it helps to have an extra set of eyes and hands!

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